Variables names of the Case Study and their English translation

The Case Study is based on a hypothetical bank credit risk data set.
The data set contains 26 variables collected on 10,000 observations:

  1. 13 numerical
  2. 13 categorical, including the target variable “Esito Negativo”.

The goal of the Case Study is to analyze the data and to predict the Target Variable.

The list of all the varibles of sample data set, their codes meanings, and their English translation are listed below.

  1. Cognome_e_Nome : Full name

  2. Area_AC_Nielsen : Nielsen area (Macro-regional partition codes of Italy are: CE=Center, NE=North-East, NO=North-West, SI=South and Islands)

  3. Età : Age

  4. Nazionalità : Nationality (Possible codes are: ES=Foreign, IT=Italian)

  5. Sesso : Gender (Possible codes are: F=Female, M=Male)

  6. Stato_civile : Marital status (Possible codes are: Celibe=Celibate, Divorziato=Divorced, Sposato=Married, Vedovo=Widower)

  7. Titolo_di_studio : Qualification (Possible codes are: Diploma univer.=University, diploma Elementare=Primary school, Laurea=Bachelor, Media inferiore=Middle school, Media superiore=High school, Spec. post univ.=Post-degree, Titolo intermedio=Intermediate)

  8. Numero_componenti_famiglia : Number of family members

  9. Spese_mensili : Monthly expenses

  10. Redditi_annuo_lordo : Gross annual income

  11. Reddito_da_dipendente_S_N : Employee income (Y/N) (Possible codes are: N=No, S=Yes)

  12. Reddito_annuo_lordo_coniuge : Spouse's gross annual income

  13. Valori_immobili_di_proprietà : Value of owned properties

  14. Valori_titoli_di_proprietà : Value of title deeds

  15. Dep._medio_mensile : Average monthly deposit

  16. Dep._medio_annuo : Average annual deposit

  17. Dep._medio_anno_prec. : Last year's average deposit

  18. Prestiti_forniti_in_passato : Past loans provided

  19. Valore_prestiti_forniti : Value of loans provided

  20. Prestiti_ancora_attivi : Active loans

  21. Valore_prestiti_attivi : Value of active loans

  22. Precedenti_negativi : Bad precedents (Possible codes are: NO=No, SI=Yes)

  23. Delinquency : Delinquency

  24. Valore_prestito : Value of loan

  25. Patrimonio_garanzia : Assets guarantee

  26. Esito_Negativo : Negative outcome/Default (Possible codes are: NO=No, SI=Yes)