Profile. "Who we are."

RATIONENCE was created in Milan (Italy) in January 2015, leveraging the background and experience of its founders and employees. They all have in common an important experience in the Analytical & Business Intelligence sector, and they share a deep passion for technology and innovation applied to the field of Data Analysis.

We are developing new innovative projects to face Big Data opportunities in a Cloud perspective, and we are serving our Clients as an Advisory company providing selected resources and high quality consultancies.

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Mission. "Why we exist."

"To provide additional value to our Clients with innovative Analytical & Business Intelligence projects, focusing advanced technologies and modern methodologies."

RATIONENCE aims to become a leading company in Italy and abroad in the field of Business Intelligence, Data Analysis, and Data Warehousing exploring and implementing the leading available technologies to provide qualified resources and deliver high quality customized solutions to constantly meet customers’ needs and expectations.

We are focused on Analytical & Business Intelligence innovation, cutting edge technologies, modern process reengineering, advanced Data Mining and Analytics methodologies, with a special attention to Cloud exploitation and Big Data projects.

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Vision. "Where we are going."

"Everywhere our passion will move us."

We are currently focused on:
- Analytical & Business Intelligence innovation
- cutting edge technologies
- modern process reengineering
- advanced Data Mining and Analytics methodologies,

with a special attention to Cloud exploitation and Big Data projects.

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Core Values. "What we believe in."

These are the factors that we care most to reach success and the complete satisfaction of our Clients:

  1. Ethics: a mandatory base for our action is the respect of business ethical principles with a high personal morality, respecting privacy rules, national laws and regulation, sharing benefits among Partners, Clients, as with the employees, preserving a deep sense of commonweal.
  2. Passion: an enduring enthusiasm and determination to follow BI projects and technologies that create a natural synergy within our working teams.
  3. Experience: the availability of technological proficiency and professional expertise gathered following several projects in many sectors.
  4. Efficiency: the primary way to reduce time and costs.
  5. Flexibility: the ability to listen and to adapt our actions according to the Clients' needs.
  6. Effectiveness: the ability to achieve excellent results and to communicate them to the executives.
  7. Speed: the ability to accomplish the Clients' objectives within the required milestones and costs.
  8. High Quality: the ability to provide an excellent service satisfying all the factors listed above.

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