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Company Vision

RATIONENCE is an advisory and consulting firm, focused on Analytical & Business Intelligence innovation, cutting edge technologies, modern process reengineering, advanced Data Mining and analytics methodologies...

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Brand Concept

Inspired by the «Rational Evidence» concept, a deep insight into raw data to bring out the most strategic Business Information with awareness and intelligence. A new active tense, to exploit the business data asset, wisely transforming it and disclosing it so to provide new additional value to our Clients.

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A team of professionals, with permanent academic relation, constitutes our board....

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SAS ready for an IPO in 2024!

SAS ready for an IPO in 2024! After over 50 years! That's a news!

As said directly from Jim Goodnight, CEO at SAS:
"Over the years, SAS has built a reputation for innovation, a relentless focus on the customer, and strong sense of corporate identity. As we chart our path toward IPO-readiness, we will continue to invest in our brand and platform, prioritizing our core values, and empowering customers to solve their most complex problems." - Read more in SAS press release.

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SAS Silver Partner

Knime Logo

New partnership with KNIME!

Best Open Source software for end to end data science!

Knime has grown in about fifteen years becoming a reference in the world of data scientists who are looking to a consistent solution for their analytical needs. The developing team has done a very good job maintaining the Knime software up do date and open to the most modern cloud platforms, data base, and methodologies. Knime provides hundreds of machine learning algorithms easily configurable in an interface which is simple to navigate and visually attractive!
We are glad to be part of the KNIME partner community starting from may 2021, to share our experience in building analytical models, ETL processes and reports.

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New partnership with MICROSTRATEGY!

One of the best choices among the Analytical and Business Intelligence technologies!

Making data available in smart and appealing interfaces is important as the data analysis itself. That's why, starting from July 2021, Rationence is a Microstrategy partner, which provides business intelligence platforms to create interactive reports and dashboards embedded in web and apps, integrating data analysis with machine learning and data mining features.

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The Contended Center in our Vision

Rationence continues to hire candidates interested in consulting in all topics related to data analysis.
We are looking for people who are passionate about analytical technologies and Business Intelligence and related topics.
Data mining, machine learning, business process analysis, data integration projects, data warehouse methodology, statistical analysis, architecture and design of web portals, development of dashboards for decision support ... with particular attention to technological integration and innovations, mainly regarding the most recent themes such as Big Data and data processing in the Cloud environment.

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If you think you are qualified to work with us, please send us your resume at job@rationence.eu. You will find a place of Freedom and Responsibility, Training and Sharing of Knowledge, Proactivity and Participation, Growth and Qualification, Innovation and Creativity, Respect and Professionalism.
The best candidates will be contacted as soon as possible.
Data privacy authorization is required. Past experience and scientific academic qualifications are appreciated.

SAS Forum 2019

Like every year, SAS holds a forum centered on innovation in Analytics. Through innovative software and services for Analytics, BI and Data Management. SAS empowers and inspires customers around the world to transform data into intelligence.

Rationence partecipates as a sponsor to the SAS Forum of Milan 2019. We will be glad to meet everyone would be interested to become our client or to join our entrepreneurial adventure as a new consultant.

SAS Forum

SAS Reseller
SAS Silver Partner
SAS Silver Partner

ACADEMY - Artificial Intelligence & Analytics

18 Marzo 2019 – 18 Aprile 2019

This Academy is a new collaboration with Thinkopen S.p.A. Lessons will take place at the offices of Rationence S.r.l. in Via Catone 3, Milano and at the ThinkOpen offices in Assago Milanofiori.

A reimbursement of expenses will be granted to the selected candidates.

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Partnership SAS.

For Advanced Analytics projects Rationence joined the SAS Global Alliance & Channel Program, becoming in january 2016 reseller partner of SAS, and then moving for the standard Silver Partner Program.

We work mainly for clients belonging to the area of finance, consumer credit, fashion and distribution. The SAS technology is for us the best choice to promote the integration of congruent processes for the exploitation of the wealth of information available to the companies. SAS is essential for the best projects of Analytics, Risk Management, Marketing Automation, Customer Intelligence, and more widely for advanced web reporting, Visual Analytics, Data Management and Data Quality.

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SAS Silver Partner
SAS Reseller

Careers. Opening positions.

We are looking for people passionate for Analytical and Business Intelligence technologies and related themes:
Data Mining, Machine Learning, Business Process analysis, Data Integration projects, Data Warehouse methodology, Statistical Analysis, Web Portal architecture and design, Executive dashboard development ... with a focus on technology integration and innovations, mainly versus Big Data and data processing on clouds environment.

If you think to be qualified to work with us, send us your resume to job@rationence.eu. You will find a place of Freedom and Responsibility, Training and Knowledge Sharing, Pro-Activity and Participation, Growth and Qualification, Innovation and Creativity, Respect and Professionality.

Best candidate will be contacted soon!
Data Privacy authorization is required.

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