Artificial Intelligence & Analytics.

18 Marzo 2019 – 18 Aprile 2019

This Academy is a new collaboration with Thinkopen S.p.A.
Lessons will take place at the offices of Rationence S.r.l. in Via Catone 3, Milano and at the ThinkOpen offices in Assago Milanofiori.

A reimbursement of expenses will be granted to the selected candidates.

The training plan.
Reinforce your knowledge in the field of Artificial Intelligence & Analytics supported by experts in the field. Rationence and ThinkOpen are committed to the implementation of intensive courses all free and aimed at recruitment. The AI & Analytics * Academy alternates lectures in the classroom to individual and group exercises on the technologies used by our customers. In addition, one day will be dedicated to Project Management, the acquisition of skills and activities aimed at studying Agile Methodologies.

To whom it is addressed.
The Academy is aimed at talented people who try to plan their profession: people with the predisposition to computer science - if possible a mathematical, technological and programming background - willing to get involved.
The prerequisite is the possession of a diploma in technical-scientific or equivalent preparation. A coherent university path is a plus.

The program.
The Academy foresees the alternation of theoretical and practical lessons for the duration of 5 weeks. You will learn the fundamentals in Artificial Intelligence & Analytics, starting from the Working Methodologies (Waterfall and Scrum) up to the understanding and application of Machine Learning and Apache Spark Algorithms. At the end of the course you will learn the theory, methodologies and techniques that allow the design of software systems capable of emulating some functions of human intelligence.
The topics covered during the course will be:

    Working methods (Waterfall and Scrum);
    Data Modeling and SQL Basics;
    SAS Foundation;
    Python programming;
    Python and Data Science;
    Data analysis and definition of models with R;
    Data Visualization with Tableau and Pandas;
    Machine Learning Algorithms;
    Apache Spark.

At the end of the 5 weeks of the Academy participants will be divided into Microteam to stand up on specific technologies and test the skills acquired in the field, working for another 2 weeks to develop real projects.

More details at Thinkopen S.p.A.